PASSLOOP - The MObile Wallet Marketing Platform

We enable brands to create, manage and distribute digital coupons and tickets to mobile wallets through online advertising, social media, inbound SMS, WiFi & ibeacons

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We are the mobile wallet marketing and payment opportunity for your brand

Passloop enables brands to easily mobilise all of their offers, loyalty cards and mobile tickets.

We create, manage and distribute personalised digital content to mobile wallets so consumers can have the most successful shopping experience as possible with your brand.

Mobile wallets provide consumers with an unprecedented level convenience while shopping. They enable a customer to store everything they need to make their shopping experience as seamless and rewarding as possible which is essential for your brand's reputation.

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Mobile Wallet Marketing

Increase customer retention and sales with personalised loyalty programs, coupons, and gift cards.
Easily reach new customers via online advertising and social media.

Gift Card
Reward regular customers with personalised gift cards which
can be geo-location enabled
Event Ticket
Create, manage and take payment of mobile tickets for your next big event
Retain and acquire new customers with promotional coupons which are redeemable at the PoS
Store Card
Create unique and personalised membership and store cards with real-time balance updates  


Increase footfall and sales by interacting with your existing consumer base and by attracting new customers via social media

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Let your clients be empowered by mobile wallet marketing and add our solution to your portfolio of offerings



Integrate our API to easily create, update and delete campaigns and passes in realtime

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Passloop is the world's first brand focused Mobile Wallet Marketing platform

Our cloud based self-service mobile wallet marketing platform enables brands to easily mobilise all of their loyalty programs , digital coupons and mobile tickets.

With Passloop brands can now distribute and take payment of personalised mobile wallet content via online advertising, social media, inbound SMS, WiFi & ibeacons.

So stay in touch with your customers and update them with real-time offers with push notifications.

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